In general, patients from other European countries pay directly for services rendered in the private Medical Clinic where they have been seen.
The European Health Insurance Card is only used in the public social security medical facilities such as the General Hospital in Puerto del Rosario.


The invoice can be paid in cash, or with credit or debit card.


After treatment in the Medical Clinic, an invoice would be prepared, in English, Spanish or German as desired, with all the relevant information detailed including diagnosis and treatment given.
Patients with a private health or travel insurance would then send their invoice to their insurance company.
As the invoice is very clear, the insurance company should be able to reimburse the client without any problems. Many British Insurance companies have a medical excess of between 50-150€, which would not be reimbursed.
We would always recommend making sure that you have travel insurance when traveling outside of your own country to cover any unforeseen circumstances.
Patients with an obligatory medical insurance would normally receive reimbursement of the normal costs in their own country. For this reason, we would still recommend travel insurance to cover any shortfall.