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Although we leave it for later and don’t want to think about it: bowel cancer prevention must be a preoccupation for all of us. The medical examination is obviously a sensitive and intimate subject, but it can save lives.

For bowel cancer there is no rule as there can be many kinds of symptoms, often it is not diagnosed and detected too late. For early detection, it is important for patients of 50 years old and over to have preventive check-ups. This allows for an evaluation of the risk of bowel cancer and in case of doubt, more tests are carried out. The preventive check-up consists of a manual examination of the rectum and a stool sample analysis for blood. Every 5 years a complete colonoscopy must be done.

According to the current knowledge from science, having a healthy lifestyle can help reduce the risks of bowel cancer. Some of those are:

  • A wholegrain diet with a lot of vegetables, some fruits, fish and biological poultry, oils without saturated fats such as thistle, linen, olive or sunflower oil.
  • Very little animal fat such as red meat.
  • Regular bowel transit.
  • Normal body weight.
  • Moving a lot and regular sports’ activities.
  • No smoking and avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

With those measures, it is not possible to avoid the risk of bowel cancer because apart from genetic predisposition, there can be unknown factors. Therefore, a preventive check is also important for people who have a healthy lifestyle.

published in the Fuerteventura Magazine HOY


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